About Us

About Us

Our official church name is “Tokyo Musashino Evangelical Free Church.”

We are sometimes known by “Musashino Chapel Center” (MCC), a name associated with the church from its beginning.

The English Department is a congregation of Christians from many different backgrounds and cultures whom God has brought together in Tokyo at this time.

As a church family we endeavor to build each other up in Christ and welcome those who are seeking to learn more about Christ.  We also desire to actively share the gospel of Christ with the international and Japanese communities.

Because our English Department is a blend of international and Japanese Christians we seek to:

  1. Be a church home for those from the international community while they are in Japan.
  2. Help involve expatriate Christians in reaching the local community for Christ.
  3. Be a place where returnees and other Japanese can feel welcome to come.
  4. Introduce our Japanese Department to those who need to or would like to hear the gospel and worship in Japanese.